Hey all again…. Today I want to talk a little on the topic I was thinking about a couple of days ago. Soo here it is. Plz read and give your love to it🙂🙂.

Imperfections….the detail everyone afraid of. They are afraid of losing precious beauty in their body. Fear of losing their face beauty. Fear of losing body parts. But hey… Think of those who already lost them.

This article is just for those who are scared of being imperfect.

Have you ever studied about or watched The Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari. She is the most incredible example of great people with imperfections. She tells her story, her struggle and her helled life. But she says that she never gave up. She got up in hardest situation and we can see her now. I really love her quotes. She says, “Some trials come to sort the life of people out. They break you, deform you and then transform you into the best version of you. You are the hero of your own story and heroes never give up. “

Today I have seen girls who are so crazy that they didn’t even step out of their house if they got pimples or acne. They are so obsessed with their so called beauty, they think that world is all about it. I myself have five or six acne marks and pimples all over my face. You know…. people ask me everytime that whats going on with your face. They just don’t accept me with that face. And I had to leave. But that’s okk that is fine cause I believe that face imperfections are a part of beauty that just need to get an identification.

People lose their hands, legs. Some lose their bones. Some have fractures that can’t be cured. Some are permanently paralyzed. Some even lose their eyes, ears and what not in accidents happening everyday. And they had to learn to live and enjoy life with those imperfections.

Even semiconductor that makes most of your daily life, is made by introducing defects in it. And you can see how much it is used more than conductor or insulators. Just a physics note.

These are just example to show you that don’t be afraid or insecure about your imperfections.

Had Muniba Mazari or Stephen Hawking would have sat in their house thinking about their imperfections or inabilities , what do you think they would have been today. They would just be an idol for sympathy. But they made their imperfections accelerator for their life which made their life even faster.

Some people are ashamed of their imperfections, not knowing that those imperfections make them even more attractive 🙂🙂. —unknown. Believe in yourself . Just believe in yourself.

I tell you an incident. We(family) were going to a place before Jammu. I don’t really remember the name. Their we meet a lot of people and lot of army people. Among them there was an army person who got a break from the army just two days ago because of some family problems . I was just wondering around and I saw him. He got his face scares, his arms were carved with bullet marks that were healed but left marks on his skin. He was literally looking like a military man. When I asked him about all these or whether he sometimes feel sad about them. You know what he said…. He said……… “These marks and scars are my rewards for what I sacrificed,
And I carry them with pride,
They give me the driving speed to go on in my life”. And honestly those imperfections are making him even more attractive.

One thing I learnt from him was that your defects are not something that are stopping you but your insecurities towards them is dragging you back. Once you become comfortable with your imperfections, you’ll notice the beauty and positive difference they bring in you.

If you really have problems with your imperfections then work hard to perfect them. But don’t just sit and stare and depress yourself because of them. See them as challenges.

Life is all about challenges. Its all about how you come up with and from those harding. Like a gold shines after its beaten. Like a diamond💎 take birth after coal. Like the butterfly after caterpillar. So love your hardships. God believes in you that’s why he is giving you a tough time cause he knows that you will come up . And I know that you will not bring Him down by losing or complaining.

Remember that There is nothing stronger than a broken man who had rebuilt himself😐😐. If you have guts make your imperfections your powers. Make those imperfections your strength ,your uniqueness .And then they will become your beauty. Beauty that will always reflect in you.

Hope my article helped you. Just give it a thought what I said in the article. Till then…. Take care, be safe and.. See you again… Bye🙂.

Lost belongings….🙂🙂

Hey guys…! Hope you all are safe and healthy. Soo…. Here I am again with one more poetry by me. Plz enjoy..☺☺

Once i saw a lady,
Sitting under a tree shady.
She looked very bright,
But had tears in her eyes .
All i could see around her,
Was nothing but a dairy, a pen ,
And the smelly mud.

It looked as if someone dumped her,
For she looked very sad.
It seemes from her mourning face,
That she was badly depressed.
It did not seemed right,
To leave her like that in the dark night.
For if she come in any moron sight,
She might not see the morning light.

It did not seemed right to ask her what happened,
May be that will make her more saddened.
Still I kept walking towards her in a slow pace,
As I wanted to see clearly her such soothing face.
The moment I came close, I felt the connection ,
But I never wanted to make it a rejection.

When i came close i gave her my hand,
To make her atleast stand.
She didn’t or maybe pretending not to notice me,
I sat beside her in that muddy area,
As if that was not affecting me.
It was a chilling night,
but don’t know how lady was bearing that alright.

Looking at her surprisingly,
I offer her to come to my house hesitatingly.
She picked herself from her ruthless seat,
And start walking with me on her trembling frozen feet.
During the whole journey, she didn’t even uttered a word,
Nor did she asked where are we heading towards.

No sooner we reached home, i asked her for a warm water bath 🛀 .
I gave her some inners,
And then served her hot dinner 🍽 .
At first, she act as she didn’t liked,
But then looking at me she smiled.

I asked her to explain the matter whole,
From her eyes tears rolled .
As if with grief her heart overflowed ,
Completely in salt water her face soaked.
And I couldn’t stop myself from giving her a tight hold.

Suddenly I saw that she had no shoes,
Also her socks were very loose.
I went inside to take her a pair of socks,
But when I came back , I was shocked.
Where I left her she was not there ,
And her disappearance made me scared.

Struggling to find her, i looked all house🏡,
But she was nowhere to found.
But I found a letter as if left by some well-wisher,
And that was there , the lady’s photo , a beautiful messager.

There was a lot of confusion in my mind,
And then i noticed a strange book with a bracelet on it at my side.
The book was unknown ,
But it looked as if someone it torned,
It was a rugged piece with some broken stripes.
Still confused, I picked it up,
And to open it I raised my hands up.

Turning about two pages I fell on ground,
Cause something unexpected was found.
It was the photobook of the lady,
In which she was with the teddy.
The teddy I used to fight with,
The teddy I used to smile with.

There was a letter on it,
That specified to read from start to end,
The dairy she left on the book stand.
I picked the dairy and could feel the warm,
And suddenly I noticed it was the dairy of my mom.
She used to love the dairy more than anything,
But I lost it when i lost my everything (mom).

My mom used to write diaries everyday ,
Explaining her things of the day.
When she was gone, only those diaries were left with whom I could mourn.
I remember her saying that when she goes away,
Only these diaries can fill her space.

I remember those diaries got disappeared suddenly after somedays ,
And I was not able to find them anyways.
What were these diaries doing with the lady ? Where did she got them?
Maybe she found them where they were lost,
Or maybe she was the one because of whom they were lost.

I looked for her all over the house, Along the streets in and out. I searched her in the whole town, But the lady was not found, Even till today, I couldn’t make it out,
What was that ……that landed on my couch.

Whatever was that, with mom was linked, As she gave me my most loved’s most loved thing (lost mom’s diaries).
I could feel my mom whenever i open them,
As if she is still wrapped in the pages of herself.

This poem expresses the story of a girl who lost her mom’s loved diaries. She was helped by something otherworldly maybe sent by her mom. Hope you enjoyed it. See you again… Bye☺.

A ‘happy’ birthday girl 👧

Hey all! So After working for almost a month I finally completed my first ever poem, my own poetry. Hope you’ll love it. Plz feel connected….. and enjoy.

Today was my b’day,
Lonely and solemly.
Being the girl 👧of the day,
So excited i stay.
I Checked the watsapp stuff,
Waiting for friends to get upp.
So quickly half day passed,
For some messages I starved.
Ignoring the thrill in the house,
I still felt still deep inside my pouch (heart).

Then saw my only sister,
So excited she looked.
Then saw my mother,
Eagerly preparing for cake🎂,
putting her works at stake.
Then saw my stupid star (my cousin),
Desperately waiting for the birthday hour🕕.

Suddenly flashback came before me,
Out i remember the first wishes to me.
When i didn’t even opened my eyes,
Dad wished me long life,
Mom wished a sorrowfree skype(no sorrowfull chats),
Sister created an atmosphere nice.

Then i thought,
So stupid i was.
To seek for happiness in the world around,
While it was in my lap on my own couch.
I got up , went to them in my long shrug,
And gave them the tightest hug..

Then came the cake🎂 , So beautifully it carved,
Made me eagerly wait for the birthday hour.
We fought for the cake,
in a more happy way . For no less people there were, to finish their part at once.

They covered me with lots of gifts,
And gave me some tight birthday bump lifts.
Ouch! It hurts….,
But sadness it gulped.

So beautifully they changed my day, sad and dull ,
that i finally became , a happy birthday girl .👧

Hope you loved the work . Actually this poem expresses the feeling of sadness and left out in a person on his/her most special day. But i think they just fail to feel the enthusiasm in the air around them. They should notice the thrill in their family on their birthday 🎊 . Cause they are overwhelmed and excited more than us even some days before the birthday. See you guys again….. Byee.

November ☃️☃️

Hey all! From the long time I have been wondering what to post and then I read a beautiful cherish art on the hardcover of my notebook. Thought its a nice piece of literature.Read it and enjoy.

The leaves are fading and falling The winds are rough and wild, The birds have ceased their calling, But let me tell you, my child,

Though day by day, as it closes, Doth darker and colder grow, The roots of the bright red roses 🌹 Will keep alive in the snow

And when the Winter is over, The boughs will get new leaves, The quail come back to the clover, And swallow back to the eaves.

The robin will wear on his bosom A vest that is bright and new, And the loveliest way-side blossom Will shine with the sunand dew.

The leaves today are whirling, The brooks are all dry and dumb, But let me tell you, my darling, The spring will be sure to come.

There must be rough, cold weather, And winds and rains☔ so wild; Not all good things together Come to us here, my child.

So, when some dear joy loses 💘 Its beauteous summer glow, Think how the roots of the roses Are kept alive in the snow.


What is wonderful about great literature is that it transforms the man who reads it towards the condition of the man who wrote, and brings to birth in us also the creative impulse.       ~E.M. Forster

Hard times pass ways☺

Hope u all are safe and sound. I know this is tough time for all, people are losing jobs,bankrupcy, bad health and what nott. Ofcource you have read about many articles on“how to be calm during quarantine” and honestly this is also one of the another post on it. Just an another try to make you fell better inside your home sweet home.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m surely one of them who are enjoying the quarantine. I am thankful that I’m getting such a great chance to spend time with my family ,having some quality time. Spending the day is not a big deal for me. I watch K-drama, explore some sites, spend half day taking care of my plants and all.

I’m here to help you too to calmly spend your time during this pandemic.

So let me start with my current’s favourite, reading books. Ofcource u have heard about it lots of time but truely its a great timepass and u also get knowledge. Personally, i like writing . I know its a bit odd but i love writing journals and paragraphs like a kid. Its a lot fun in becoming kid again. Next great way is to check out some really awesome webseries on Netflix etc. Cool one …! Right?

Take ur time, spend it with your family, with yourself, spend time with nature. Its beautiful… Plant trees, help people. Let the humanity rise. These times have been gifted to us by The Almighty God. Think about the the beautiful changes that gonna come after the lockdown. ☺

Many people are stressed out as they lost there precious jobs. Don’t worry…. U’r gonna get a better and more comfortable jobs. Believe in ur self…. ☺☺.

Always remember: when God gives you new beginning, it starts with an ending. Because God’s plan is always more beautiful than your desires 😌😌.So don’t be afraid of closed doors.

As long as the finance is concerned and if u lost ur jobs, worried about family, look for jobs from home on shine. com, etc.. U can do jobs like Ebook handwriting ,salary depending on ur typing speed and pages pr. day. There are so many earning obtions.

If u have a big family then try this out… if there is someone like ,who just don’t have anything to do all day except lying on the couch and grazing like cows… Find a job for him/her like one mentioned above, along with you. U don’t need any qualifications for it. This will do two things with one plan. Firstly, that guy will be having a job experience for him/her and get to know what responsibility is. Secondly, your double(u and the guy) monthly income will meet ur financial problems. Ta da! 😉Got a solution ☺☺ .

Don’t make extra future plans for the time after lockdown opens. This will make you impatient and to eagerly wait for lockdown to open. In worst case, it can lead to depression, anxiety etc. Instead, enjoy the moment with your loved ones and make this lockdown a sweet memory for future.

I hope my article helped even if its little . Be safe! And calm…. And let the Earth change its beauty😉😉

Journey through quarantine